It's time to get started.

Have you been with us long enough to know that you want to get more involved? We love to hear that! We’ve thought through some important next steps based on Christian priorities we would like you to consider.

Next Steps.


Water baptism was instituted by Jesus for his followers. It’s how Christians tell the world they are Christians. We believe baptism is a one-time event that signifies a believer’s union with Christ in his death, burial, and resurrection, and one’s membership in the global church, Christ’s covenant people. 


Though we do not see explicit instructions about formal church membership or membership covenants in the Bible, we do see the concept of church membership implied throughout the New Testament. We believe church membership is essential and  helps to clarify who is in the community and under pastoral care. Join us and formally let the church know you are all in!

Community Group

We grow best in community, among Christian friends who know us best, and beside those who can encourage our faith in Christ. If you would like to share your joys and burdens with a Christian community, please click below.


We are called to serve just as Jesus served. We also believe the strongest  friendships are formed among people who are on mission, sacrificing time and energy together to follow Jesus side by side.